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January 25 2015

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my children have too many legs .. but they are handsome and strong

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My friend’s rat more closely resembles a strange opossum.

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I say this all the time and people look at me like I’m unpatriotic

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Snuffbox made of chrysoprase, gold, stones and diamonds colored with back foils. About 1765. It belonged to Frederick II of Prussia

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the angel aura square of my “to make stuff with” crystal box ~*~

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Przecież ręce są po to, żeby kogoś przytulić
— Pingwiny z Madagaskaru
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January 24 2015

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What the heck

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Beethoven just doesn’t care.

I’ve reblogged it before, and it still makes me giggle every time.

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Alicia Galer Kew Forestry Print

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